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Treat yourself.

It’s not just a photoshoot.
It’s a life changing experience.

See the Gallery for yourself

It isn’t just putting on cute lingerie and getting your hair done (although it does give you an excuse to feel like a movie star). The confidence you gain will last a lifetime. Don’t just take my word on that. See the gallery for yourself.

Every woman should have some amazing boudoir photographs to treasure forever. Do it for yourself, treat yourself, love yourself!”

Why do boudoir?

Every time you see yourself in a photo is an opportunity to change the way you see yourself. An opportunity to take back the person you know is inside of you. I never take that for granted. You are beautiful, strong, and independent. Let me show you what the world sees.

“Working with Ben was fun and easy. He is exceptional at creating a comfortable shoot environment. I really love the images, and the intensity that he can put into them from behind the camera. I’m kind of obsessed with the whole album, to be honest.”

The Experience

Most shoots take place in your own space, as it’s an environment you can be intimate and real in.

“I am blown away with the finished photos. He truly captured me in my most honest and beautiful form!”

See what others have to say, and what you can expect from your shoot.

Contact Me

If you’re looking to book a shoot, please fill out the form. If I haven’t worked with you before, all boudoir shoots require a consultation to go over details. I will get back to you soon, and I look forward to working with you!