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My Why…

I have been a photographer for over 10 years. Everyone I work with, no matter how beautiful, has their own insecurities. If even Ms America doesn’t like how she looks in photos, what chance do us mere mortals have? Early in my career, I was shooting a wedding, and one of the ladies in attendance looked at a photo of the bride over my shoulder and said “I could never look that pretty.” There was absolutely nothing wrong with her, but she didn’t let people take her photo because she felt unloved and unwanted, and it was heart-breaking.

“Let me take your picture. Here’s the deal, I get one click. One chance to take your portrait. No one will see it but you and me. I’ll show it to you right here, right now, and if you don’t like it, no one will ever see it. Deal?”

I only had one click to make or break her perceptions of herself. To me, this was the most important challenge I ever faced. I finessed her expression and talked to her until I saw the moment I was looking for. Click.

I showed it to her and she stared at it for a moment, mouth open, tears running, and said “but…that doesn’t look like me.” “Yes it does. There were no tricks. Just you, me, and putting you into a pose that flatters you. This looks exactly like you. This is you.”

I realized that every day, the stakes are exactly that high with every client I work with. Every time you see yourself in a photo is an opportunity to change the way you see yourself. An opportunity to take back the person you know is inside of you. I never take that for granted. You are beautiful, strong, and independent. Every woman is unique and beautiful. Let me show you what the world sees.

Intimate lifestyle photography is not a trend. It is a movement. It allows you to accept your sexuality and express it. Sexuality is a powerful and fundamental part of who we are. You deserve to be able to express that in a safe environment, without judgement. It is absolutely a choice, and can’t be imposed. It is about empowerment. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, sexy, and wanted. Putting yourself out there is a vulnerable experience that takes a lot of courage, and I never take for granted the trust my clients put in me.

Anybody can use a camera. Anybody can take a pretty photo. Not everybody can say something with that photo. What will your photo say about you?

It’s not just a photoshoot.
It’s a life changing experience.

It isn’t just putting on cute lingerie and getting your hair done (although it does give you an excuse to feel like a movie star). The confidence you gain will last a lifetime. It’s about pushing your comfort zone to find the beauty inside of you. It’s empowering. It’s a safe place to remind yourself how fierce and stunning you are. You don’t need a significant other as a reason to book a session. Yes, photos make a great gift for your partner, but they should be first and foremost a gift for yourself.

All of your intimate lifestyle portraits that you see will be fully edited. I will provide you with a good number of photos to look through and make choices for your album. Commissions start at $500, which includes hair and makeup.

“I don’t have a perfect ideal body type, but I want women to know that’s okay.”